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About Thelma van der Werff

Thelma is a wife, mother, organic horticulturist and one of the leading experts on the Psychology of Colour. For nearly 20 years she has worked with thousands of clients and taught hundreds of people how to interpret and speak the language of colour. She loves to share her wisdom and knowledge about colour and prefers to teach people how to fish themselves instead of giving them a fish. In other words, learn to speak and understand the language of colour and you will have a tool for life!

Thelma is a Colour Therapist and a Body Mind analyst and she has a gift that she can ‘feel’ colours. Some people see aura’s around people, Thelma ‘feels’ colour and ‘hear’ what these colours have to say.

She founded Colour Comfort ltd and created the Colour Comfort Method so others can understand and speak the language of colour themselves. She is the author of six successful books ‘Why are you wearing those Colours’, ‘Dress to Impress’, The Power of Colour in Black & White’, ‘How to Understand Children through the Colour they choose’, ‘Colour First Aid’ and her latest ‘Let Colour be Thy Medicine’. All books are available as kindle or e-book for environmental reasons.

Thelma’s mission and vision is to make the powerful and effective tool of colour available to people who want to have insight into themselves and others and for those who want to use the psychology of colour to change behavior, negative thought patterns and create harmony, synergy and balance in their life. Thelma loves to open people’s eyes to their own strengths en talents and reveal which colours can support them to overcome challenges in their life. She enjoys seeing the ripple effect when someone raises their own vibration and effectively raises the vibration of people around them and ultimately the entire planet.

Thelma has made her Colour Comfort method available through her books and the unique Colour Comfort Course.

Thelma’s personal journey When young, Thelma had some health challenges. These inspired her to study about nutrition and healthy life styles. Through changing her own life- and eating habits she overcame a lifelong battle against eczema and asthma. She started to study Ortho Molecular Science of Nutrition because she was interested in the relation between nutrition and health. Thelma was also introduced to the art of ‘Face Reading’. She was so fascinated with this concept that she decided to follow the training of “Psychosomatic Therapist & Body Mind Analyst” at the Australasian Institute of Body Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy. This training gave her the tools to do ‘Body Readings’, observing the relation between the body and symptoms and the thought patterns related to the symptoms. Thelma was also trained in Reiki I and II and the colour concept “Aura-Soma”.

Birth of Colour Comfort Method

A combination of all these tools created the Colour Comfort Method. A method that teaches people to hear, understand and speak the language of colour themself. Colour shows us who we truly are and what our power, potential and strengths are. Thelma wants people to get excited again about their life, get the aha-moment or insight and see the solutions to their issues.

The Colour Comfort Method, looks at what personal colour choices say about someone’s past and present and how and which colours to integrate to create the future you want. Thelma loves to work with colour because it is readily available. You can use colour in visualizations, nutrition, art, lighting and clothing. “It is all around us, ready to be used” according to Thelma. Thelma’s client base ranges from teenagers, wellness practitioners, business men and woman, nobility, pensioners and spiritual teachers. As Thelma says: “Colour does not discriminate!”

Thelma has completed the following training:

  • Aura-Soma level I, II, III, IV
  • Reiki I, II
  • Reconnective Healing level I, II, III – with Eric Pearl
  • Brain Boot Camp – with Don Tolman
  • Psychosomatic Therapist & Body Mind Analyst – with Hermann Muller AIBMA&PT
  • Basic Adult Tutor Training – Auckland Schools Community Education Association
  • Melchizedek Academy of Soul Education International with Sylvia Vowless
  • Psych-K with Peter de Klerk
  • Moativational Medicine – Weekend Intensive Training for Health Professionals of Aotearoa with Richard Moat
  • Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement with Barry Auchettl
  • Organic Agriculture & Horticulture with Agriculture New Zealand
  • Mindscape with Jane Gruebner

Thelma's books (also available in different languages)


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