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Coming into contact with Thelma’s work at Colour Comfort is a new journey into self-understanding and self-expression. Something that I never really thought about, my choice of different colors over the years, turned out to be most revealing of my character and life developments along the way. More fascinating is learning how I can proactively use color in my life to find balance, move in new directions, gain confidence, and let go of old habits and thoughts. The energy of the chosen color creates an aura of its own and can enhance or even interfere with the direction life events are taking. I learned so much in a short time and am newly conscious of color energy in every part of my life. I highly recommend private sessions and the course.

Tatiana Kaletsch, New York, Tatiana.kaletsch@live.com

Thelma did an amazing  colour consult for me, after not knowing me and asking a few simple questions. Thelma was able to hit the mark on my previous colour choices that were completely inline with what actually was happening in my life at those times. She then determined what my current colour needs are and again was right on the mark about where I had evolved to and what I am desiring both personally and professionally! I am a woman who is rather skeptical and relies a great deal on facts. Thelma's process to formulate colour determination is incredible and very valuable. I am looking forward to reading her books and attending her seminar! ~ Angela Schaefers, Inspirational Speaker, Author & Talk Show Host www.grief2grace.org

Angela Schaefers, M.A., Inspirational Speaker, Writer & Counselor, www.grief2grace.org; email: angela@grief2grace.org

Just like the chronicles of Narnia; Thelma van der Werff can help you find imagination and opportunity through your wardrobe.  Thelma’s innovative development of the energetic powers of colour so prevalent in quantum physics, brings us all a ‘real’ way to empower ourselves merely by the colours and combinations we wear every day.  As a Psychotherapist I was blown away by the sheer volume of information Thelma discovered about the last 20 years of my life – all that without bearing my soul.  Based on the frequency and period of time I had worn colours over the years, she could tell me how the colours I wore helped and hindered my life path.  I have been wearing heaps of white for a few years and whilst thrilled with how open and creative I’d become with new ideas for my business – things just weren’t materialising.  So on Thelma’s advice I have started to wear more red on top – wow -  I feel energised in a way which has enabled me to action my ideas – so it really works!  What I love too is that she opens up the world of colour for us all – as she firmly believes we can wear any colour – we just have to find the hue that suits us.  Now that in itself, is just the kind of excuse (if ever we needed one) for a girl to do some serious shopping. 

Philippa Sturt; www.cherishwellbeing.co.nz

I was intriqued by Thelma's powerful presence from the minute she walked into my office - I was expecting your usual Summer; Winter; Autrumn; Spring type consultation as previously experienced from other colour consultants, but Thelma's intuitive process was significantly different. Through a simple analysis of the colours I have worn in the past she was able to assess with great accuracy where I have come from in my life, where I am currently, and where I am heading, it was astounding. Turquoise is not a colour I would normally wear but she indicated that it was the colour for mass communication, and as it happens the global venture I am currently involved with is about impacting the critical mass.

I had always related to energy as a powerful medium where resonance was concerned but I had never, until meeting Thelma, related to colour as an equivalent medium. It has totally changed my viewpoint of what I wear and what I attract into my life. I am more conscious of how I present myself, relative to what I am wanting to resonate. The added benefit of being partnered by Thelma is that the process is scheduled over a three month period, it is totally experiential in design such that you directly experience the benefits the minute you start wearing the colours suggested.

I am always inspired by professional practitioners who  ''walk their talk' and it was refreshing meeting Thelma for she definitely does that. Experiencing Thelma's gifts is a profound privilege. If you want to be moved beyond words, give her a call!

Sally Anderson - Legacy Coach; www.sally-anderson.com

I have had several consultations with Thelma, and each one for me has been an awakening.

Since bringing colour into my wardrobe, I have had huge changes in my life - and they have been effortless. Instead of turning my back on the world, I am out there in colour, joining in. I loved colour beforehand, but wore a great deal of black and felt quite drained all the time. Thelma could see what was happening with me and in my life, and suggested which colours I should be wearing, those I should be wearing less of, and why. Now I have become really excited about my wardrobe. When I started to wear the 'right' colours, I could feel my energy shift and began to feel far more positive and energetic. I was especially invited to wear green and blue, and they are now my favourite colours to wear. When I wear them I feel confident, outgoing and go-ahead. I feel excited about my life, just as Thelma predicted. I now feel I have high energy running through me.

Raewyn Christiansen - Essence Designer; www.raewynchristiansen.com

I had a Colour Coaching session with Thelma after hearing her speak at Her Business Networking function and became intrigued with the possible benefits of Colour Coaching. By wearing the specific colours that Thelma recommended I am within a short time experiencing changes and opportunities in my life and work that are simply amazing! I now understand how I identify with my soul, hidden talents and personality through the use of colour! As I am a developmental coach I can see how this could also benefit my clients to empower their lives and achieve goals through Colour therapy.

Pamela Williams;  www.heartandsoulunlimited.co.nz

Thelma’s unique experience with a combination of Colour Therapies provided clarity about how I face life emotionally an has provoked my mind to become aware of the characteristics and influence of the colour I wear in how I feel and enjoy life.

Louise Fawcett - CEO Pacific Harvest; www.pacificharvest.co.nz

    "La semplicita` e la profondita`
    della tua visione sui colori
    mi hanno commosso.
    Con amore
    Eugenia "

    In English " The simplicity and, at the same time, depth
    of your vision over colors
    filled me with emotions.
    With love
    Eugenia "
    Eugenia ……. Spiritual healer - Italy

"The way Thelma works with her Colour Coaching is unique, and can be described in one word: magic! She is empowering you the minute you meet her!

The truth is: if you give Thelma the opportunity to help you, your life will definitely make a significant, positive turn. Colours work, and they do so for the rest of your life. " Elena Gallo - Switzerland 

June 2005 I had the opportunity to be present at one of Thelma's presentations. To say the least, it was an eyeopening experience to listen to her and later have a private consultation during which she did my colours so to speak. The outcome was astonishing! That your choice of colours can have such an impact and more so, make such a difference in your approach to life's challenges and life in general, is mind boggeling.

To put it in a nutshell, I am empowered by this knowledge and very thankful to Thelma for taking the time and making the effort to share what she has developed. A definite must...

Thank you and good luck in your endeavours. Bismarck Welch; Healing medium - Amsterdam 

What makes Thelma’s consultation so special?
Her immense knowledge of colour, her enthusiasm and compassion for her clients. During the last 3 years I had several consultations with Thelma ( Colour Coaching and Aura Soma) giving me awareness of my inner power, abilities and unsolved issues in my life. Thelma’s professional and caring way enabled me to approach life with renewed hope and trust.

Thelma advised me to intregrate one specific colour in my clothing and I have the feeling that it helped me and continues doing so and because I feel different, other are is reacting differently as well. I am looking forward to the next session for it means personal growth and improvement for me. Pauline de Jong; Teacher and counselor – The Netherlands 

Our first meeting laid the foundation for an interesting and deep friendship. She is well grounded with a wonderful sense of humour, shows loving care for others, is spiritually aware as well as being an astute business woman. It has always been clear to Thelma that she was to work with and for people. During one of her trips to Europe she came to visit me.

At the time I was going through a particularly difficult phase in my life. Using Aura Soma, Thelma helped me to turn things around very quickly.I had never heard about it before and was amazed and incredibly excited about the results. During her next stay, Thelma mentioned that she was intending to write a book about "Colour Coaching I immediately volunteered for a "test coaching session" This experience definitely convinced me of the validity of her approach. There was a colour that I had problem with!! In fact there was a problem that had a colour!!!! Once I understood the significance of colour and its connection to the soul it opened up tremenduous opportunities for change. I would love to help others to "wrap" themselves up properly and to then feel great!!

We can all do it, every day!!  Leopoldine Arco-Valley; Germany

Attending Thelma's reading in Amsterdam about Colour Coaching was an eye-opener for me. After completing the questionaire and receiving her report I was astonished about the accurate description of my personality. It gives me a new insight and it has cost me just little effort to bring her advice into practise. This new consciousness however, has been a big change for me and is also a lot of fun to experiment with. It feels like an honest empowerment to me. Jan Keunen, KLM purser - Amsterdam

Appreciate all the tools I received to support me and that I can immediately start working as a Colour Coach.

The information is thaught in such a way that it is easy to understand.

I have not only learned about colour but also about myself.

I value the ongoing support after doing the course.

I would recommend the Colour Coaching course to therapists, counselors, anyone who works in the well-being profession.

My college has been ill. She was overworked. She never weared red/green/orange. She weared a lot of blue. She started wearing red and green and was very pleased and got lost of compliments.

I helped a client understand that although black is an authorititive, strong and elegant colour, she was hiding herself and her potential behind it. She started to wear different colours (called me every day!) and she gradually became less insecure, more aware of what suited her personality, so could let go of the need to be very authorititive and be more at ease with herself and others.

My most memorable consultation was a mother of 5 who was divorced and having to go back into the workforce, very down and finding life so hard, changed her colours and everything started falling into place, from finding a great job, meeting a wonderful man to becoming a happy person, better able to juggle everything on her plate.

One client was able to set her boundaries and got out of a bad relationship. she was not able to this for 5 years and after consultation it took 3 weeks. 2. less stress because more confidence in oneself 3. instead of leading a passive life now doing the things she wanted to do for a long time and started studying. 4. deeper understanding and insight in one self and others and understanding why one self or others behave in certain ways.

I am a teacher of colour and Image consultant. I always want to know everything about the subject that I work with. I'm also very much interested in psycology and teh colour comfort brought all these subjects together. It is even better, as it explains a whole deeply hidden mystery of life, the way we are, the why, the how . Colour is so powerful, everybody should know more about it.

I strongly believe in the power of colour energy. Being an image consultant and consulting on colours from a purely fysical aspect, I felt the other part of the influence colour has on us all lacking in my consultations.

I am passionate about colour and am an active coach. I always wondered how I can bring my 2 worlds - image consulting and coaching - closer together.

I see colours as an essential element of life. They influence every aspect of our wellbeing. Colour choices are revealing very subtle messages about people and can facilitate the changes in individuals weelbeing.

The colour choices are amazingly accurate in pinpointing the issues and challenges in ones life.

I believe that the realisation of their past is the biggest impact. Thereafter there is the realisation, that this was made claer by simply looking at colours...... It makes them curious to work with the method.

I think imparting the importance of colour in their lives and the understanding of what and why they are drawn to certain colours etc is so beneficial in more ways than one. First of all the subconscious patterns are made conscious and my clients now understand why they behave in a specific manner and the benefits are that the client can now consciously change any beliefs, patterns or bahaviour. Using colour to do this is a powerful reminder and not only communicates the message or affirmation to one self but also to others. Others will also treat you differently because the integrated colours are sending a different message. Using colour as a nutrient for body, soul and emotions is enhancing all these areas, provided there is a balanced use of colour.

The Colour Comfort method is a great tool for people who want to make the most of themselves, to people, who want more, but feel they are limited or just for people who don't know how to get on with their lives. Your way of experiencing colour helps you to understand your present life, by revealing unsolved feelings or habbits in the past, this all will result in a future, in which more is possilble.

As accurate, healing and harmonising.

I would describe it as an incredible jouney and understaning of self and others around you.

Improve my knowledge on the meaning and effects of colours on people.

The main benefit of applying the Colour Comfort Method is creating an awareness of the influence of colours in the lives of individuals on a day to day basis. Once people become aware of the influence of colour in their life they are rarely the same.

The latest development of Colour Comfort Method made consultation very powerful and easy for client to see how colour choice could help to reestablish harmony and balance. I wish you all the very best, you have an amazing product.

As an insightful instrument if you ever wonder why you (don't) wear certain colours and if you want to understand how colour influences the way you feel and vice versa : how you feel influences the colours that you choose. As a quick coach instrument where colour is the language to gain insight in yourself, your life story, your potential and your future wishes. Amazing result in 1,5 hr consult. No need to dig deep, just let the colours tell the story.

I always had a feeling that colours played a part in life and are not there just to make things look bright a beautiful: There is something deeper…

At 19 I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, been though a rape and abuse and was on all sorts of medicines and they would work but I noticed that colours played a big part in how I felt. After a long time of wearing black I decided that I needed to brighten up my life and noticed that by doing this I felt lifted, my mind was clearer and happier. I did not understand it all, all I knew is that it made me feel better. After emigrating to New Zealand and meeting the founder and owner of Colour Comfort LTD – Thelma van der Werff, I decided to go for a colour consultation with Thelma. WOW is all that I can say. It has confirmed all of my thoughts about colour and more. I have now learnt to start using the Language of Colour on a journey into myself to shape and change behaviors that have been programmed from birth that are detrimental to me and to mould them into better more confident behaviors. By working together with Thelma we have established which colours make me feel better, happier and more confident within myself.

My consultation has left me with food for thought and I now make a conscious effort to be bright and cheerful. I know that it can’t always be like that and I do sometimes hide behind my black, but I LOVE my colours!!! I am free, light, happy, my confidence is building and I am taking on tasks and challenges that some years ago I would not have dreamed of doing. I am standing up for myself and it is becoming easier to say no. Thanks Thelma for helping me onto my new life- path with something that is all around us in huge amount and that we take for granted – COLOUR.

It is interesting how some colours are more comfortable to wear than others. There is no doubt that for certain periods of my life I have been drawn to certain colours, and then those colours have been put aside in favour of others. Whilst my background is in fashion I can not say that I have slavishly followed what colours are in fashion either. More often it has been that I have felt that certain colours were just ‘more me’.

The psychology of colour is fascinating and it was with great interest that I attended the recent Colour Society QLD Division talk by Thelma van der Werff. What an interesting and entertaining evening. A few questions to the audience at the beginning of the talk set the scene, and when our answers were translated at the end of the presentation, there was something highly intuitive for each of us about what Thelma had to say. I was hooked!

I signed up to do Thelma’s Colour Coaching course, particularly as the first module included the language of colour. We were definitely on the wavelength of each colour we explored over the three days of module one. We discussed  philosophy as well as the psychology of colour and it was an emotional workout as well.

Thelma did a personal colour reading for each participant on the course, charting what colours we have worn over our lives. We noted when we started and when we stopped wearing particular colours. Also if we NEVER wore a certain colour. She then referred to our answers and described very accurately the pattern of our lives from the times that we wore, or stopped wearing, certain colours. I was blown away by what she revealed about my life, and my personality.

Being quite a practical soul anything with a slightly ‘new age’ feel has immediately been put aside in favour of the more scientifically measurable, however this thought pattern has been seriously shaken by my recent experience of Colour Comfort.

Given that we dress emotionally- wear what feels good today- it seems logical that if we want to change how we feel and how we appear to others we may need to adjust the colours that we wear. Thelma suggested that I introduce three colours that I never wear. Hmmmm. Let’s see about that. Bit of a challenge. I really don’t like those colours on me. They look great on people with cool skin tones, but me???

It’s not all about how it looks Sande. How does it feel? Remember that scientifically speaking colours each have a wavelength on the spectrum. How is that wavelength resonating with you?

So, I duly set out the following day to at least find something in pale pink that I was prepared to buy. Underwear looked like a good place to start, as I have a serious challenge about a warm person wearing cool colours! All those years of colour imaging training I guess.

It was very hard to pick up pale pink instead of my usual black or fleshtone selections. Still, I was going to give it a go. As I headed for the fitting room I spied a cuddly pale pink dressing wrap. I tried it on over my clothes... It was most interesting to note how I felt. Fascinating actually. I wondered whether it was the power of suggestion as I tugged it off with tears in my eyes. How silly of me! Put it back on the rack. Go try on those undies.

By the time I came out of the fitting room it was obvious to me that the pale pink dressing wrap needed to come home with me. It was snuggly and warm and …nurturing. So much so that I was even willing to look for a nightgown in pale blue, another colour that I never wear but which Thelma had suggested.

‘Colour Comfort’ is indeed what Thelma’s work is all about!  I am looking forward to seeing the change in my life from Thelma’s Colour Coaching sessions. You owe it to yourself to check it out.  www.colourcomfort.com

About the author:
Sande Bamford is a Designer Colour Stylist, principal of Complimentary Colours. She has had a passion for colour and fashion her entire life. Her handbag and shoe collection rival Imelda Marcos. Well, you do need them in every colour….


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