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What we offer

We teach how to understand the 'Language' of Colour to gain:

  • INSIGHT : Why are you drawn to certain colours and dislike others? Did you know that your colour choices reveal all about you and your past experiences.
  • TRANSFORMATION : Your colour choices will influence your experiences of tomorrow as different colours will generate different emotions.
  • WELLBEING : Having full awareness of how and why to use specific colours and putting this into practise leads to balance and wellbeing.

Let Colour Be Thy Medicine

Colour Comfort Consultations uses the colour psychology to interpret your colour choices.

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Learn the Language of Colour

A Tool for Life!

The Colour Comfort Method teaches you how to interpret the Language of Colour.

Module 1 - Language of colour
Learn the basic words of the universal Language of Colour.

Module 2 - Self Development
Apply the psychology of colour to get insight into yourself, your friends and family.

Module 3 - For Practitioners
Improve your own service as practitioner by using the Language of Colour to get insight into your clients.

Free Colour Test

Get instant access to our FREE Colour Test, which will show what your colour choices are revealing about you!

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