Colour Comfort (CC) uses the Colour Comfort method, which is a non-intrusive system that can offer you the opportunity for awareness and personal development.

The Colour Comfort Method uses colour to allow you to gain a deeper insight into life through your colour choices in life. The Colour Comfort Method is especially suited for those who wish to develop themselves and wish to fully realise their potential.

The Colour Comfort Method makes no claim to heal medical or psychological conditions; it is for educational purposes only. For this reason Colour Comfort Limited  will not be liable if any information provided in a Colour Comfort consultation proves inconsistent or if you rely on that information to your detriment. Colour Comfort Ltd. is not responsible for any adverse effect or consequences of any kind resulting from the use or mis-use of any suggestions, advice, information or instructions during a Colour Comfort consultation.

By registering for this online course, you acknowledge that you have read the information above and understand that the Colour Comfort Method encourages self-responsibility and makes no therapeutic claims for any of its services. You accept responsibility for anything you do as a consequence of this course.

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