Colour Positioning

Colour Positioning is one of the unique aspects of the Colour Comfort method. The CC method is a combination of Psychology of Colour and Body-Mind Analysis. In other words, we not only look at which colours someone is using but also where on the body these colours are used.

Behind every colour is an emotion and a message. Whenever you wear a colour, you are communicating a message. Every colour expresses emotion and a message and when you wear this colour you are communicating this to the outer world. You are telling the world instantly how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Have a play with the interactive tool below and find out what the colours you are wearing are saying about you.

What are the colours you are wearing saying about you?


Pick a top colour


Pick a bottom colour


Colour, the fastest way of communication

Before you open your mouth, the colours you wear communicate a message about you.

Colour Interpretations reveals to you what it is that you are communicating to others about yourself.

Maybe pink is your favourite colour, but you find yourself always caring for others while neglecting your own needs?

As a Colour Coach / Interpreter we observe the colours in tops, blouses, jackets, cardigans, skirts or trousers, jewellery, shoes, accessories and headwear.

Look at the images on this page and by just switching the colours, you can already see that it is communicating a different message.

Wearing an orange shirt or blouse gives a different message to wearing orange shoes or trousers/skirt. The Colour Comfort method observes all these nuances and interprets what the wearer is communicating.

If you understand and speak the language of colour you can also interpret other uses of colour. For instance, which colours are used at home, what colour is your car, which colour(s) are you avoiding or using all the time?


Behind every colour is a emotion and a message!


Not only the colour is important, but also the positioning of colour. Just changing the colours in top and jacket communicates a different message!


Not only the colour is important but also the positioning of colour. Just changing the colours in shirt and jacket communicates a different message.

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