What is the Colour Comfort Method?

International Colour Interpreter Thelma van der Werff has managed to capture the depth of the Psychology of Colour. She sees colour as a language that commicates information.


The Colour Comfort Method interprets the Psychology of Colour.

The Colour Comfort Method is based on evidence that colour really does affect and influence our lives. It is created from a desire to help people use colour in a conscious and balanced way. This can stimulate and support the uniqueness of every human being, allowing you to live up to your own full potential. The Colour Comfort Method interprets your colour choices, revealing hidden talents and potential, conscious and subconscious behaviour and most importantly it interprets your goals and desires into the colour that can be integrated to support you to achieve your goals and desires.

The following 15-minute presentation will give you more insight into the Colour Comfort Method.

How does the Colour Comfort Method work?

The Colour Comfort Method explains and interprets the impact of Colour on our daily lives. It is an incredibly valuable and fascinating subject to get an understanding of, as Colour affects each one of us, every day in many different ways. There is so much more to colour than meets the eye. Whether you choose to or not, your colour choices affect your mood and emotions and can reveal a lot about you. It also affects how others around you feel about you and how they assess and respond to you. By learning to speak and understand the Psychology (i.e. Language) of Colour, you can pro-actively shift and influence your emotions and thought patterns.

If you can understand and speak the Language of Colour you will open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Colour can reveal the following:

  • your personality with its strengths and challenges
  • the path you have travelled through life and how you have become the person you are today
  • which aspects of your personality are being hidden or underutilized?
  • which aspects of your personality are detrimental to your
  • conditioning and upbringing that has created unwanted behaviour or negative characteristics
  • how to change your subconscious belief into desired outcomes

We work with the colours in your clothing because your colour choices in clothing are:

  • personal
  • constantly changing
  • reflecting your mood, emotions and how you want to be treated
  • easily changed
  • controlled by you

Just have a think about it: you get up in the morning and choose an outfit for the day. Did you ever wonder why you made the choice for that particular colour dress or jacket and how it might influence your own emotions/behaviour and that of others? If you knew the meaning behind the colours you have chosen to wear, it could actually reveal a lot about yourself?

The colours we wear do not only reflect our own emotions but also communicate a message to others. Certain colours can make you feel happy while other colours can support you to focus or calm your emotions. We are surrounded by colour. Without realizing it, our subconscious taps into this amazing and powerful tool and we start the day communicating to others our deepest thoughts and feelings through the colour choices of clothes we wear. People around you will subconsciously pick up on these colours and communication. Remember, before you have spoken, the colours you wear have already spoken for you because it travels with the speed of light!

The Language of Colour, the relation between colour and human behaviour, is a proven and incredibly effective tool to take charge of your own life. It’s a simple yet very powerful way to gain insight into yourself and others as well as pro-actively change your behaviour and thought patterns.

Pick a Colour

to find its meaning...

  • Generous
  • Honourable
  • Open-minded
  • Orderly
  • Involved

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