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Colour Positioning

Colour is a universal language and can therefore be used by everyone. Marketing and advertising already uses colour in a clever way to influence others or to get their message across. Now you can do this too! Use colour as a language to communicate the message you want to get across.

Behind every colour is an emotion and a message. Whenever you wear a colour, you are communicating a message. Every colour expresses an emotion and a message and when you wear this colour you are communicating this to the outer world. You are telling the world instantly how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

Colour, the fastest way of communication

Before you open your mouth, the colours you wear communicate a message about you.

Colour Interpretations reveals to you what it is that you are communicating to others about yourself.

Use colour to achieve your potential

During a colour consultation, the Colour Interpreter will show you how colour has influenced the experiences you have had over the years. You will quickly learn how and where life became more limited than you intended it to be. Perhaps you are a person whose wardrobe contains mainly black? Are you hiding your true potential?

Maybe pink is your favourite colour, but you find yourself always caring for others while neglecting your own needs?

Use colour to influence others and yourself

Everyone is influenced by the vibration of colour. Certain colours can make you feel happy or adventurous, whilst other colours will help you to focus or calm your emotions. Marketing and advertising use colour to influence your buying or consumption behaviour. All fast-food restaurants use red in their logo because red is a fast colour,  it stimulates the senses, in other words encourages you to eat more and spend more money. The Colour Comfort Method enables you to use specific colours to influence the way you feel and to influence how others perceive you.

Colour positioning is just as important

Different colours will communicate different messages but the positioning of colour, in other words, where on the body you wear the colour, is just as important.

Colour Interpretations explains where on the body you can wear specific colours to achieve your goals.

Fast and easy way to use colour effectively.

The Colour Comfort Method teaches you how to use colour in an effective manner, in your personal and professional life.

A tool for the rest of your life.

The Colour Comfort Method gives you a great self-help tool for the rest of your life. You will learn how to monitor yourself and create more harmony and balance in your life by using the colours you need in the right proportion.

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Behind every colour is an emotion and a message!

Not only the colour is important but also the positioning of colour. Just changing the colours in top and jacket communicates a different message.

Not only the colour is important but also the positioning of colour. Just changing the colours in shirt and jacket communicates a different message.


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