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psychology of


What if there is more to colour than meets the eye...

How would you feel if you were able to tap into the subtle but phenomenal power of colour to influence your emotions and behaviour?

Did you know that colour can:

  • Help you to experience healthier relationships
  • Get insight into yourself and others
  • Support your creativity
  • Help you to experience inner calm and confidence
  • Identify your strengths and talents
  • Support you to overcome emotional obstacles
  • Help you to achieve your goals

Psychology of colour as a tool for life coaches, practitioners, teachers, parents and image consultants to get insight, ‘see’ what is hindering progress, change emotions & behaviour and to get solutions!

The Colour Comfort Method is a unique technique that combines the psychology of colour with Body Mind Analysis. Colour is used as a tool to clear issues from the past, shift thought patterns, behaviour and emotions. The language of colour cannot lie and will disclose challenges as well as talents. Learn to speak and understand the language of colour to create synergy, communicate your messages, understand others and shape the future.


Learn to speak
& understand the
language of colour

All puzzle pieces fell together when Thelma explained why I never wanted to wear navy blue.

My whole life has changed since I have introduced more colours into my life. I should have done this years ago!! I dare now have the courage to show who I truly am and others are looking at me differently. For me, a new world opened up by understanding my colour choices and by choosing my colours deliberately I can influence my emotions.


“Thelma’s unique experience with a combination of Colour Therapies provided clarity about how I face life emotionally and has provoked my mind to become aware of the characteristics and influence of the colour I wear in how I feel and enjoy life.”

Thelma’s mission and vision

is to make the powerful and effective tool of colour available to people who want to have insight into themselves and others and for those who want to use the psychology of colour to change behavior, negative thought patterns and create harmony, synergy and balance in their life. Thelma loves to open people’s eyes to their own strengths and talents and reveal which colours can support them to overcome challenges in their life. She enjoys seeing the ripple effect when someone raises their own vibration and effectively raises the vibration of people around them and ultimately the entire planet.

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