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  • "The Power of Color" by Thelma van der Werff; published in the "Law of Attraction" Magazine; Summer 2013.

General links:

Life changing video clips: (added 11 September 2012)

LED Colour Changing bulb

Website for colourlovers:

Healing sounds of Colour


The colour wheel explained

Research about ladies in red

The use of specific coloured light in schools to improve results

Coloured overlays or spectacles for learning difficulties, ADD/HD, dyslexia, headaches etc.

Colour therapy resources and equipment

The importance of the electromagnetic field and grounding

The importance of balanced nutrition and how nutrition can help with autism

the power of whole natural food

Colour puncture

PIP aura scan as diagnosis tool: Diagnosis with colour

IPL for acne / skin rejuvenation

Bioptron - Colour therapy with light

Aura-soma; Colour therapy with equilibrium bottles

Internation Colour Association

Colour Dome and literature about colour

Natural Colour System NCS

Angela Wright; Psychology of colour for corporations and marketing

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