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Module 2

The Colour Comfort Method for Insight, Transformation and Solutions:

This Module contains the following sub-modules:

Why are you making the same mistakes? What is blocking you from moving forward?

Everyone is programmed by upbringing, education and events that happened from birth till now. Some experiences were good and others left a negative imprint on us. Our personal colour choices reflect our conditioning as well as our emotions, behaviour and feelings about experiences. During this segment you will recognize which events or conditioning is holding you in it’s grip and preventing you from moving forward and living up to your true potential.

The events and experiences in your life have shaped you into the person you are today. Your colour choices of the past until now will reveal which events has influenced your emotions and behaviour. You will now understand why you behave as you do and get a better understanding of your self! You will also learn how your conditioning and upbringing have an impact on your life and what is holding you back?

Detect imbalances in one glance and change these into balance, passion and growth

The Colour Comfort Method teaches you to ‘see’ in one glance where there are imbalances in your life. As soon as you are aware of this, you are able to change these, using colour as a medium to shift your thought patterns, behaviour and expression. You can achieve balance in your life that will result in more passion and growth, personally and / or professionally.

'Read’ people within seconds

The Colour Comfort Method has developed a unique technique, enabling you to ‘read’ someone within seconds. You can get an accurate update about someone’s emotions and feelings. How they work, how they want to be seen by others, what is motivating them and much more. Observing and decoding someone’s colour choices will give you a true picture. If you are dealing with clients, they will will feel understood and therefore at ease with you.

Are you attracting people or pushing them away?

There are no good or bad colours, just the right colour for the message you want to communicate, the synergy you want to create, the image you want to portray, the outcome you want to achieve. Are you creating a clear picture and using the colours that can support you? Are your colour choices supporting the message or image you want to communicate to others?

‘See’ where your symptoms come from and change them

Most of our symptoms are a cry or message of our body to let us know that we should pay attention to a particular aspect in our life. Use colour to identify where your symptoms are coming from and what these symptoms are trying to tell you. As soon as you acknowledge that you have received the message and taking steps accordingly, the symptoms have done their job and are no longer required.

How to use the rights colours to achieve your goals

Every colour can support you to reach your goals. If you have identified clearly what your goals are, integrate the specific colours to attract your goals into your life. The Colour Comfort Method has developed a simple and effective technique. You now know how to use colour to change emotions, see problems and solutions and overcome challenges. Start shaping your own future with the support of the energy and power of colour. Change the colours in your world and your world will change!


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Becoming a Registered Colour Comfort Coach/interpreter:

Upon completion of Module 2, you can continue to become a registered Colour Comfort Coach / Colourinterpreter. The next Module is partly online and partly one-on-one with Thelma. You get all the tools and training to apply the Colour Comfort Method in a professional manner with your clients. You will be able to incorporate the Colour Comfort Method within your practice to get insight into your clients in a non-intrusive but accurate way.

The use of the Colour Comfort Method will optimize your own service because you will have gained a deeper insight into your client and can purposely apply your own service.

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