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Module 3:

The Colour Comfort Method for Practitioners, life coaches and image consultants:

Use the Colour Comfort Method to get accurate and quick insight into your clients. You will learn how to work with the Colour Comfort Toolkit. An easy method to that enables you to make the different aspects of the client visible in colour.

It will visualize the following:

  • The personality of your client
  • Which events shaped your client to become the person of today
  • The extent to which your client uses the colours in balance
  • Whether your client is predominantly introvert or extravert
  • The subconscious conditioning and upbringing of your client
  • The challenges your client is facing
  • Which colours can bring balance and harmony and support the client’s goals and desires

The Colour Comfort Toolkit, which is specifically designed to enable you to work with the CC Method in a professional manner, is a “business tool in a box” and includes all documents needed to do a thorough consultation with your client:

Your client’s colour choices will reveal his or her subconscious beliefs, thought patterns, which events are blocking progress and in which areas there are imbalances.

With the Colour Comfort Method you will get deep insight into your client within an hour. This information will assist you to do your job more effectively. The Colour Comfort Method uses colour as a medium to not only get insight but also uses colour to support change and transformation within the client.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to fill in a questionnaire with your client
  • Learn how to interpret your client’s colour choices
  • Learn how to use the Colour Comfort Toolkit and make the colour choices visible
  • Learn how to use the Colour Comfort software for reports
  • Learn how to do a follow up consultation


Before you can receive your certification, you will be required to conduct 12 case studies. You will be given access to the software for 3 months so you can work with the software when doing your 12 practice consultations. Your reports of these case studies will be evaluated during a personal assessment with Thelma. After this assessment, you will know exactly how to apply the Colour Comfort Method as a CC Coach/interpreter and provided your assessment is successful, you will receive Certification to start using the CC Method as well as a one-year CC membership.

As a Certified Colour Comfort Coach/interpreter, you will earn the right to utilize all the Colour Comfort tools and techniques in your practice. Certification includes a one-year membership to access the Colour Comfort Software.

Module 3

(Incl. GST, flash drive with manual, documents, certificate, CC Toolkit, CC software and one year CC membership)

You will receive the CC Toolkit and learn how to use this during a consultation. You will be asked to do a minimum of 12 CC consultations within 3 months for certification. These consultations will be discussed with Thelma van der Werff, either by phone, skype or face to face.

For more information please contact Thelma via email thelma@colourcomfort.com


Please note: Prerequisite is the successful completion of Module 1 and 2.


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