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“Learn and Experience the Power of Colour” - Module 1

Are you successfully using your talents?

Are you aware of your talents and strengths? Are you utilizing these talents and strengths? Most people are not aware what their true talents are. It is often easier to sum up the things we cannot do than the things we are good at. Life is much easier when you know what your talents and strengths are so you can focus on these and get better

Improve your personal and professional relationships by understanding yourself and others.

Colour has many uses nowadays. It is used in the medical world, marketing, fashion, education, airline industry, psychology to name a few. Colour can also be interpreted as a language because everyone’s colour choices are a reflection of what is going on their life. The Colour Comfort Method teaches you to decode or interpret this language of colour and it will give you deep insight, not only into yourself but also into others. Just a few simple questions about a person’s personal colour choices will reveal parts that often never come to the surface.

There isn’t an area of your life where the use of colour doesn’t have an effect, so you might as well use it to your advantage and to work towards success in life; whether this is better life balance, feeling more confident or taking more action. By knowing about the effect of colours, you can truly take control of your life.

How one simple question can open doors……

And that question is: “What is your favourite colour?”. When someone answers this questions you will already know a lot about the person, their characteristics, their personality, their stumbling blocks. When people feel understood and recognized they are more likely to feel comfortable with you. Do you want to support and help your child as a parent, or your student as a teacher or your client as a practitioner, just the acknowledgment of ‘seeing’ who they truly are will be of tremendous value to you.

You can look at Colour as a hidden language in plain sight and you can learn how to speak and interpret this language. Just like you start to learn any other language, in module 1 you will start learning the words. The “words” in this case are the different colours and their meaning and effect.

What you will learn in this module:

  1. Firstly, you will learn what colour is and why and how it affects each one of us. We will discuss the theory and science behind colour so you get a better understanding why it is such an important –often hidden- factor in our lives
  2. We will then look deeper into colours in relation to your body. You will be taken through the different chakra colours and what they stand for. These colours are: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo/Navy blue Violet/Lavender. Ancient civilizations have discovered the link between colour and certain parts of our body. The seven chakra colours or rainbow colours are the basis of colour therapy.
  3. We will discuss the message and emotions behind 17 colours in depth. To start off this process on understanding, we allow you to experience the different colours personally in a specifically designed guided meditation. During the meditation each colour communicates with you, causing an individual reaction or experience. There are no correct or incorrect emotions or responses to a colour. It offers a deeply personal and direct experience of the effect colour has on your feeling state. Allow colour to communicate particular, highly specific and personal messages.
  4. You will learn the characteristics of 17 different colour personality types of the Colour Comfort Method. You will recognize yourself, your loved ones, friends and maybe clients. Communications and relationships improve drastically when you understand not only yourself but others as well

At the end of module 1, all colours will have been explored in many different aspects and from a variety of angles to ensure your knowledge about them is extensive and easy to use in your daily life. You will have a clear understanding of, and insight into each of the 17 colours and the message and emotions behind them. Armed with this unique knowledge, you will be able to make conscious choices with the use of colour and how to use colour in a pro-active way.


What makes the Colour Comfort Course Unique:


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Learn how to use colour to:

  • 'read' people and or clients;
  • see which events have shaped you;
  • get synergy in meetings;
  • understand symptoms and apply colour therapy;
  • see where there are imbalances;
  • choose right colours for your business;
  • achieve your goals

Upon completion of module 1,you can sign up for the online course module 2 "Understand & speak the language of colour for insight, transformation and solutions”

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