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Module 1 – Learn & Experience the Power of Colour

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Do you want to learn…

  • What do your colour choices say about you?
  • How to use colour to best market yourself or your business?
  • How different coloured food can enhance different aspects of your wellbeing?
  • What your colour personality is?
  • To identify your personal talents and strengths?

What will you get?

This online module is specifically designed for you to experience first-hand the impact of colour. You will learn the emotions and messages behind each colour.

You will gain a different perspective on the colours via their personality types. For instance, looking at the colour “red”, a red personality is a pioneer who can make things happen and motivate others. They have a passion for life and thrive on attention and admiration. You will learn about what colour is and how it affects you in your daily life. I will reveal the different colour personalities, how each colour is used in marketing and how different coloured food can enhance your wellbeing.

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